Design  Manufacturing Installation

At Image Elevator, Inc. we work closely with our clients and suppliers to develop and use the exact product for a given application, providing you our customer with competitively price quality products upgrading and constantly expanding our activities, to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of our clients, we have never forgotten the importance of “greater safety” and “better quality” which are the objectives that Image Elevator, Inc. has long pursued. With the introduction of advanced technology and abundant experience, we have dedicated, and will continue to expand our resources to bring higher quality and technically  advanced products and services to the market with highly trained and qualified personnel.


As a design and manufacturing company of custom elevator cabs and entrances, we provide the following services:


Design / Engineering / Manufacturing / Installing of:

-Suspended Ceilings, Wall Paneling in various materials.

-New Wood and Metal Elevator Cab Shell with required

reinforcements and hardware.

-Custom Hoistway Entrances in Contrasting Metal Finishes.

-Cladding with Stainless Steel, Bronze & Plastic Laminates

Panels, Front Returns, Transoms & Jambs.

-Rubber, Marble & composite granite Flooring.

-Fire Rated Elevator Pads (Move-in blankets) in different

colors and materials.


Image Elevator, Inc. will provide all approval drawings upon signing of contract, and we will show a complete layout of the elevator specifications detailing dimensions and finishes. All elevator cabs will be designed and manufactured in accordance to the following standards:


-Safety Code for Elevators (ASME A17.1)

-American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

-National Electrical Code (NEC)


Our employees are trained technically and in quality and are certified by national standards. Monthly meetings keep our technicians inform of the latest quality processes.

Are your elevator cabs and entrances looking old? We can help!

From a simple facelift to a complete renovation we will quickly have your elevators looking great and stylish once again.

Please click below for typical drawing samples:


Sample Drawing 1

Sample Drawing 2

Sample Drawing 3